10 Health Benefits Of Eating Chocolates

fun-fact -about-chocolates

1) Studies suggest that 45g of chocolate per week decreases the risk of stroke. 2) Dark chocolate protects from blood inflammation. 3) Flavonoids found in dark chocolate protect skin from sun’s UV rays. 4) Chocolate helps relieve anxiety as it releases endorphins which have calming effect. 5) Research suggests that consuming cocoa flavanol containing dark chocolate lowers cholesterol and […]

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20 Fun Facts About Chocolates

health benifits by chocolates

1) Chocolate in Mayan times was considered to be of more value than gold dust and hence was used as currency. 2) The famous shower scene from the movie Psycho featuring Alfred Hitchcock used chocolate syrup as blood. 3) Nazis had once plotted to assassinate Winston Churchill with an exploding bar of chocolate. 4) Studies show that […]

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